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Promotional Video Requirements
Categories: Main Page
Last Modified: November 30, 2008 03:19 PM
Article ID: 10005

For magicians with a FREE membership: We do not allow you to link to a promo video that displays your name, telephone number or any other contact information. The audio track in your video is not allowed to say your name or contact information either. If you have access to video editing software, you can create a promo video that we will accept: Have the titles in your video display your Magician's ID # instead of your name. For the audio track, either use music only or don't have a voice over that mentions your name. If you can record another audio track, use your Magician's ID # instead of your name. Use our name ( as the contact and use our phone number (1-800-614-9824) too.

If you have a paid listing: (Silver, Gold or Platinum memberships) you can edit the "View Promo Video" link in your listing at any time by loging into your user area. Magicians with a paid listing can display contact information in their promo video.

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