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Need Password and Login Information
Categories: Main Page
Last Modified: December 31, 2005 01:28 AM
Article ID: 10004

If you are already a member and get our showleads, but have forgotten your login and password, click on the link below (or go to the password reminder link on the Magician's Login page of the Directory) and type in your email address.

Password Reminder

Please note that you must use the email address that we are already sending our Show Leads and newsletters to. This is the email address that is on file in our database; you can change this email address later once you've logged into your user area.

A new login and password will be generated by the system and sent to your email. You can then use this new login and password to login to your user area by going back to the Magician's Login page of the directory. Once inside your user area you can change your password and login to something easier for you to remember, change your contact information, upgrade your listing, etc.

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