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What is a SHOW LEAD?
Categories: Main Page
Last Modified: March 06, 2008 03:31 PM
Article ID: 10001

A SHOW LEAD is a request for you to bid on a particular event request. It arrives in your email and can be filtered; depending on what categories you subscribe to in the Directory. Here is a sample SHOW LEAD:

This is a SHOW LEAD from

Ticket ID:



Kids Birthday Party

Event Date:


Event Time:

1:00 pm

Event Zip Code:


Amount of people:

15- 20 children

Average age:

4- 15 more under 6yrs

Budget Range:

$125 - $250


I am looking for a magician for my 7 year olds birthday party.


If you are available to perform at this event please reply to this e-mail as soon as possible with your total fee for the performance. Please leave the subject line intact and include the original body text in your re-ply, along with the following information in this format:

Magicians Name: (your full name and performance name if applicable)

Performance Bid: (the price you want to get paid for the show)

Magicians Telephone: (the numbers we can reach you at)

Magicians Info: (website and show info if applicable)


If you are unavailable for the date in question, or otherwise not interested in doing the gig, simply delete the email; there is no need to waste time with a reply.

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